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Sep 30, 2012 8:30am PDT
at the statistics california continues to have a job to a faster rate than the rest of the nation. the state's unemployment rate was still at 10.6% which is 2% higher than united states. was behind these conflicting trends. our lows statistics. this seems to say anything about it. this california up and how we doing hired in the arrest the nation? the park is some good news and bad news story. california is adding jobs but we're adding tech jobs. and more losing call center jobs >>> it just happened and comcast and livermore. and in sacramento. >>> real losing manufacturing jobs infuse ago adding jobs but not across the border in california and a bay area paths of the bay area. and how much lower unemployment rate the national unemployment rate. but other parts of the east bay have a high of unemployment rate. >>> is interesting statistic because the politicians and government and the san francisco mayor is all about jobs. you look at the tech. the ad tech jobs but most people just laid off during unemployment of getting the jobs or people from out of state coming in? >>> you poin
Sep 29, 2012 10:00pm PDT
included standing ovations in washington and the united nations anne mackovic explains why her appearance here is important >>> those of my generation will know i've come to san francisco in the right way with flowers and my hair. >>> known as " the lady " nobel peace prizewinner spoke in front of a packed house at usf. >>> we must always have our eyes clearly focused on the future even as we deal with present and its difficulties and problems. >>> in the first visit to the united states since 1971 for the political prisoner turned parliamentarian she is a key figure in the rise in democracy in burma. >>> today she spoke mainly in burmese >>> she was trying to say don't forget your root and were you come from >>> many exiles are here >>> a dream coming true we are witnessing and the communities coming together ever body is beautiful >>> my hero for all of my life, i am so proud to be burmese. >>> some rally in and say they wish so she would do more to protect minorities in burma >>> human rights for all >>> this is what i think is most precious about the city, you are open hearted and ope
Search Results 0 to 1 of about 2